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If you can’t read music at all and don’t understand basic music theory you will always be at a disadvantage when learning and trying to understand unfamiliar or new pieces of music. It certainly makes sight-reading a real challenge and almost impossible!  Whilst many natural singers have a good ‘ear’ and can learn aurally quickly, basic musicianship is important and is part of being a confident and accomplished singer & performer


If you want to take Grade exams or diplomas or take GSCE music you will also need to read & understand music.


We can help you learn basic musicianship including



How to Read Music


Music Theory…


  • Reading notes & Note values
  • Scales & Major & Minor Keys
  • Simple & Compound Timing
  • Rhythm
  • Intervals
  • Expression
  • Transposition
  • Composition




Singing in Harmony




How to pass Grade 5 Theory  A pass in Grade 5 theory is required to take higher Grade performance exams: Grade 8 (Trinity Guildhall & LCM) Grade 6 – 8 (Associated Board)



Grade & Diploma Exams & Diplomas

All students have opportunities to work for Singing Grades & Diplomas with the newly formed Trinity Guildhall exam board (formally 2 separate boards of Trinity College of Music and Guildhall School of Music & Drama) and the Associated Board.


Music Theatre Performance Exams and Diplomas may be taken with the  London College of Music & Media (affiliated to London University)


Pop Vocal Grade exams (ages 16+) may be taken with the London College of Music & Media (affiliated to London University) and Trinity College of Music ‘Rock School’


These assessments are accredited by QCA and validated by City of London University and are substantial qualifications.  They can be used to support school entry or transfer, and exams passed at Grade 6 level and above gains points for UCAS university application.


Vocal Performance Academy holds their own exam days at a chosen local location


We have a 100% success rate, with most students obtaining Merits and Honours & Distinctions!






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Learn how to sing PROPERLY!  Not just ‘sing-a’long’!

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