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Audition & Performance Skills


It’s all very well learning how to sing but what about Performance itself?!  Many people have great voices but are not at all confident about auditions or performance!  Conversely, others have less fantastic voices but are confident in their own technique & abilities, and are able to perform and deliver with confidence.


Vocal Performance Academy is not only passionate about Vocal Excellence – we are passionate about Performance! 

And ANY opportunity to sing is about Performance! 

Whether a big or small audience or occasion, an exam or audition, Singing is all about COMMUNICATION!


We will teach you how to develop your Performing Skills & Confidence.  There’s simply no point in having a Great Voice if you can’t sing in front of anyone!  You may only want to sing in a choir or a company of others but even so, sooner or later you will be asked to sing BY YOURSELF in front of someone else!  You CAN do this – AND you can ENJOY this experience also!


Always remember that your audience, whether only one listener or many, usually WANTS to enjoy your performance.  They are not waiting to attack – they are waiting and wanting to Enjoy!


Vocal Excellence will lead to Confident Vocal Performance!


Areas we can help you with include ~


Grade and Music Festival preparation and presentation:

  • How to cope with different venues 
  • Positive thinking under stress 
  • Controlling nerves 
  • Working with an unfamiliar accompanist 
  • Dos and don'ts!


Audition preparation and presentation:

  • How to develop a useful audition portfolio (and we don’t mean a collection of your hundred favourite songs!)
  • How to 'lead' your audition pianist 
  • Coping with unfamiliar and different audition venues 
  • Positive thinking under stress & controlling nerves 
  • Do's and don'ts!


Working with text

  • Really using your lyrics
  • Using lyrics to colour your sound
  • Speaking before or during a song


Rock and pop song –

  • Lyrics
  • Singing unaccompanied
  • Shortening songs for auditions (i.e. verse & Chorus)
  • How to finish songs that don’t have an ending!
  • Microphone technique







  E-Mail:   Catherine@VocalPerformanceAcademy.co.uk

Phone: 01753 889 946 - Mobile 07850 617775

Learn how to sing PROPERLY!  Not just ‘sing-a’long’!

Learn how to REALLY sing – taught by top professional singers! 

Professional Classes for EVERYONE from Beginners to advanced!