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Singing, Music, Dance & Drama




Singing for Adults & Teenagers


****! Classes for Autumn 2010!****


Starting September


EVERYONE can learn to use their own voice and be able to sing better – Come and find out how!


Learn about vocal technique and develop tone, strength,

breath control, interpretive skills and much more.

Work on presentation & audition technique.


Develop Repertoire by learning about

different styles & eras of music.

Too many singers sing Rodgers & Hammerstein the same way they sing Les Miserables!

Or a early baroque aria by Handel or Bach the same way they sing Puccini! 

LEARN the difference and be able to deliver!


Feel confident about singing so you can take those opportunities to audition! 

Whether you’re at a local level within your school, theatre,  music group or operatic society,

or for professional film, TV and theatre,

or even just to sing in the bath!


Classes for teenagers & adults will work to develop and consolidate strong musicianship alongside sound vocal technique to enable you to use your own voice

with confidence and style!


****! Autumn 2010 !****


Starting September


TUESDAYs 7.30 - 9.30pm

St Peters Church Hall


for Adults


NEW members NEEDED NOW!!!!!


Singers of ALL ages and abilities welcome!

~ If you've always wanted to have a go at singing but never dared - THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU

~ If you used to sing but haven't had the chance to sing for years -





Opportunities to bring along ANY piece of music (classical, musical, jazz, rock) or diaolgue that you would like to work on.


This class will begin with a group vocal warm-up and musical piece(s) - Through each term we will work on at least 3 contrasting styles. The second part of the class will be an open materclass where you can work on solos in detail with a professoional tutor, recieving immediate feedback on the strongest and waekest areas of your technique & performance, with positive, creative and constructive ideas to work on. Whether or not you feel brave enough to sing solo yet, or you simply enjoy listenig and learning from others this class offers vocal technique, musicianship, acting skills for soloists or listeners at all levels - Come and try!


ALSO..for Older Teenagers (15 - 19)....

Starting September

MONDAYs 6.30 - 7.30pm

& TUESDAYs 6.50 -7.50pm

St Peters Church Hall




TEENAGERS ages 12 - 15 years

TUESDAYs 5.20 - 6.50pm

Group work, Solos, Duets, Trios, Dialogue & Fun!

Come along and join in!

This term we will be working on smaller scale American & British Music Theatre & Christmas Music sacred & secular.

- If you've always wanted to sing, come along and have a go!

- Or if you're an experienced singer who wants to consolidate technique and work on new repertoire - Come along!


Bring along ANY piece of music (classical, musical, jazz, rock) or diaolgue that you would like to work on.



In All Classes

You will learn about:


Vocal Technique



To establish a sound singing technique you will work on breathing and control of breath, pure vowels, posture,  eliminating tension.

You can learn how to use your voice appropriately for different styles of music including classes in ~


  • Classical singing
  • Oratorio
  • Opera & Operetta
  • Concert & Recital
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Cabaret
  • Music theatre ~ ‘classic musical’ 
  • Contemporary Music Theatre
  • ‘Belt’
  • Pop Vocals
  • Acting for Singers
  • Audition Technique
  • Presentation Skills & Confidence
  • Movement
  • Dance skills for non-dancers


Healthy Singing & Vocal Technique


At the heart of good vocal performance is technique that enables the singer to learn sing freely and comfortably with

no outer muscular tension, and an ability to sing through all registers of the voice with no breaks.

Vocal Training coordinates and strengthens the vocal chords and will increase range and flexibility, while also enhancing your own natural tone quality and vibrato. 

Good posture is also important and will enable good breathing techniques to become a natural part of your singing technique.


We will work with individuals within each group using techniques that will immediately improve the tonal quality of the individual natural voice.  You will be able to develop muscles that cultivate the best tone your body can produce.


You will learn ~

  • Vocal exercises that coordinate and strengthen muscles used for singing and speaking
  • Vocal exercises that bridge breaks and cracks in the voice
  • Vocal exercises that increase range while connecting the chest, middle and head voice without strain
  • Vocal exercises that enhance tone quality
  • Enhanced breathing techniques and good posture
  • How to produce vowels that help the voice to blend
  • Accents
  • Musical Styles
  • How to sing in Harmony
  • Sight-Reading


Classes will be kept to appropriate numbers to ensure individual attention alongside group development.


See separate pages for full details of Different Song Styles

as below ~



Music Theatre

at Vocal Performance Academy

From Broadway to the West-End!

Learn about different styles & eras of music throughout the 20th Century ~

Victorian Music Hall & Operetta

The Jazz & Film era of the 1920’s & 30’s

Classic Musical Theatre & Films of the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s

Contemporary Shows of the 1970’s 80’ & 90’s & 2000+

Rock & Pop Musicals


And much more!


Too many singers sing Rodgers & Hammerstein the same way they sing Les Miserables! 

LEARN the difference and be able to deliver!


Classical Singing

atVocalPerformance Academy

Opera & Operaetta

Oratorio & Scared Song

Early Baroque Music

Art Song ~ Lieder, Chansson, Aria Antique...


Movement Skills

And much more!


Pop Vocals

at Vocal Performance Academy

Have you got the ‘X-factor’???

Get professional coaching to audition for shows such as X-factor & Pop Idol with Confidence!

Be featured for all the RIGHT reasons!!

Hundreds of Tracks available to choose from!






  E-Mail:   Catherine@VocalPerformanceAcademy.co.uk

Phone: 01753 889 946 - Mobile 07850 617775

Learn how to sing PROPERLY!  Not just ‘sing-a’long’!

Learn how to REALLY sing – taught by top professional singers! 

Professional Classes for EVERYONE from Beginners to advanced!