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Pop Vocals


at Vocal Performance Academy


Learn about vocal technique and develop tone, strength, breath control, interpretive skills and much more.

Work on presentation & audition technique.



Pop Vocals



Have YOU got the ‘X-Factor’?!


Many people think pop singing is ‘easy’ - and many more people think they sing far better than they actually do(!) as seen regularly on TV programmes such as Britain's (America's) Got Talent, ‘Pop Idol’ and X-factor!


In fact, singing pop well is just as demanding as any other style of singing.  Whilst it is true that pop vocals do not demand such a great range of notes as other singing styles, it is also true that this leads some people to believe that a good vocal technique doesn't really matter and that they do not really need to have formal lessons!




In reality, pop vocal auditions are extremely exposed with no accompaniment to hide in! Your vocal technique is therefore the ONLY think you have to help you!


You have to be able to:

  • Sing perfectly in tune
  • Hold the key throughout 
  • Produce tonal variety
  • Express text
  • Control breath
  • Cope with nerves!!


Welcome to Pop Vocals coaching in the Chalfonts! 


In 2006 17 year old Burnham girl ~ Jenny Coleman ~ did amazingly well in reaching the final 300 at X-factor boot camp!   This was an incredible achievement out of 100,000 applicants!  Congratulations Jenny!!




We aim to get a higher number of applicants from this area to that boot camp in future years! 

 Alongside vocal technique training we can help you with ~


Audition preparation and presentation:

  • How to develop an audition portfolio
  • Singing unaccompanied
  • How to 'lead' your audition pianist
  • How to finish a song that doesn’t usually end
  • Shortening a song for an audition for maximum effect 
  • Coping with unfamiliar and different audition venues 
  • Positive thinking under stress & controlling nerves 
  • do's and don'ts!


Microphone technique


How to Read Music & Sight-Reading


Music Theory:

  • Reading notes & Note values
  • Scales, Transposition & Major & Minor Keys
  • Intervals
  • Simple & Compound Timing
  • Rhythm & Timing
  • Expression
  • Composition


Singing in Harmony


Improvisation Skills



Our aim is Vocal Excellence in All Styles!



Pop Vocals


at Vocal Performance Academy








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